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KSW 44 took place Saturday night from the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland and is available to watch on www.KSWTV.com for the next 48hours.

Karol Bedorf (15-3) def. Mariusz Pudzianowski (12-6) via submission (kimura), round 1.
These two titans went to the main event. Pudzianowski landed a number of his trademark low kicks but he was in the first place. 

Michal Materla (26-6) def. Martin Zawada (28-15-1) via TKO (punches), round 2, 2:59.
Polish fan favorite Materla had a very good job, but it was the first time in the world.

Erko Jun (1-0) def. Tomasz Oswiecinski (1-1) via KO (punch), round 1, 2:26.
Jun got rocked and dropped twice but remaining on the counter. Oswiecinski to get the knockout.
Kleber Koike Erbst (24-4-1) def. Marian Ziolkowski (19-7-1) via submission (armbar), round 1, 3:34.
Another clinical finish by artist Kleber Koike Erbst.

Daniel Torres (8-3) def. Filip Wolanski (11-3) via split decision (29x28, 29x28, 28x29).
An entertaining and high quality contest between Torres and Wolanski that was evidently very close. Both men showed great striking throughout.
Gracjan Szadzinski (8-2) def. Paul Redmond (14-7) via KO (punches), round 2, 1:36.
A very entertaining first round that saw. Redmond land with a number of strikes and ending for a submission. The second round started with the same great pace and Szadzinski landed a straight that knocked Redmond to the deck and followed up with punches.

Light Heavyweight
Wagner Prado (14-3) def. Chris Fields (12-8-1) via TKO (strikes), round 2, 2:17.
After a back and forth, some of the kicks and Prado land some strikes, the Brazilian came out in the second round. After knocking Fields down he pounced. Despite this, the Prado got the TKO win after the referee stepped in.

Lukasz Rajewski (8-3) def. Leo Zulic (8-3) via submission (heelhook), round 1, 1:48.
After a back and forth openinng that lead to both men hitting the floor Rajewski locked in a heelhook for another quick finish on the KSW 44 fight card.

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by Dorian Gray
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